About us

Since 1991 "NOOK, LTD" (NOOK) is specialized in production of steel circular saw blades as well as carbide tipped saw blades and planer blades. The company also produces circular saw blades and other products by individual orders and drawings. NOOK also offers retipping and sharpening of circular saw blades.

Products are sold in European countries (Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Poland, France and others) also in Russia, Belarus, Canada, United States of America and Moldova. NOOK is an export-oriented company - exports account for approx. 70% of total sales. NOOK customers are specialized in woodworking and furniture manufacturing as well as equipment manufacturers who assemble their machines with NOOK manufactured circular saw blades.

Over the years NOOK has won the trust of neighboring woodworking companies with high-quality circular saw blades, order execution time and a reasonable price. To be closer to its customers, NOOK has established close cooperation with partners in Russia ( OOO "HOOK", OOO "HOOK DV") and Belarus (OOO "HOOK BY").

The company is constantly evolving, modernizing technological processes and investing in production capacity. Saw blades are made from high quality materials, which are acquired from leading manufacturers, which greatly improves the quality of products and prolongs its lifetime. The company employs highly qualified personnel with 25 years of experience in saw blade manufacturing, which provides the option to produce non-standard saw blades and execute complex orders.

NOOK characteristics:

  • High product quality with reasonable price;
  • Reliability;
  • The warranty for all products;
  • Timely delivery of products;
  • High production capacity and economic efficiency;
  • Wide range of manufactured products;
  • Participation in international exhibitions and fairs.

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